Office Visits

First Appoinment

We always look forward to seeing our patients and taking care of their orthodontic needs. Your first visit is a consultation where we will take digital photographs and Dr. Khara will examine your smile and your bite to see what treatment will be needed. Then, the treatment coordinator will discuss how we use indirect bonding to put the your braces on and what makes our office so special. We will then discuss financial options and answer your other questions regarding treatment.

Second Appointment

Our next appointment will be what we call records. We can sometimes do this at the same time as your consultation to save you an extra trip. Please let us know ahead of time if this is something you would like to do. The records visit is where we will take models of your mouth and take X-rays if needed. We take the extra step of carefully and precisely placing the braces on the model. We will then make a custom clear tray with the braces. This will be used in the next appointment. This is called INDIRECT BONDING. Less than 20 percent of all orthodontists do this because it takes more staff time, but it will reduce the time the patient needs to be in the office. Dr. Khara strongly believes this is superior treatment. We work hard for you even though you are not in our office. Dr. Khara will also get a second opportunity to review the records and write out the treatment plan even before the braces are placed!

It is much easier and more accurate to place the braces on the model instead of directly on the patient's teeth. This will result in a more accurate bracket positioning on your teeth and will give you the best possible start.

Third Appointment

Our bonding appointment is where we use our indirect bonding trays to glue the braces to your teeth. We use a variety of braces, including clear braces, metal braces and Damon braces based on the patient's needs. Depending on the individual patient's bite problem, we usually start rubber bands to try to correct the bite as soon as possible. We will go over how to brush and floss and take care of the braces. It is very important to keep seeing your regular dentist every six months while Dr. Khara treats you. If the teeth are not cleaned regularly, it can interfere with tooth straightening and possibly cause damage from gum disease and cavities. So please remember to keep seeing your general dentist!

Regular Visits

After the braces are put on, we normally see our patients every eight weeks or so to adjust the braces and check the bite. To get the results we all want, it will be important to always stay on schedule, not break brackets, brush carefully three times a day and floss once a day, wear your rubber bands as directed, and wear your retainers after braces are removed at the end of treatment.